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It's here! It's here! Digital Data 2022, that is.

The Hootsuite Global State of Data 2022 has arrived! You may be asking yourself, why would I care about that? If you own a business, run a side hustle, or want to know the stats about internet users, top social channels, and other critical digital stats, you'll want to download and study the report. If you have a limited attention span, like many of us, download the snapshot for the top stats.

Hootsuite's Digital Data Report for 2022
Hootsuite Digital 2022

Need to save money on your digital ads? Read the report.

Need to know what device your audience spends the most time on? Read the report.

Need to know the gender, age, and connectivity of your audience? Read the report.

Seriously, if you arm yourself with the facts from the data, you'll have a much better chance of successful ad campaigns, lowering advertising costs, and maximizing your profits.


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